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Liz has been a personal trainer for 11 years. She has a degree in Exercise Science from Temple University, Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Certifications from The American Council on Exercise, as well as several additional certifications.

Many of us have negative ideas about our bodies and about exercise, and Liz wants to change that!

Liz is passionate about helping others feel stronger and healthier by creating positive experiences with fitness. Fitness can be hard! Workouts are meant to be challenging, but the experience also should be enjoyable and rewarding.

Liz is particularly passionate about working with beginners and pregnant and postpartum moms. As a new mom herself, she knows how important proper training is during this special season of life!



"Benefits of exercise in pregnancy include reduction in Cesarean section rates, appropriate maternal and fetal weight gain, and managing gestational diabetes." 

Hinman, S. K., Smith, K. B., Quillen, D. M., & Smith, M. S. (2015). Exercise in Pregnancy: A Clinical Review. Sports Health, 7(6), 527-531.

Exercise has the following benefits for postpartum women:

  • It helps strengthen and tone abdominal muscles.

  • It boosts energy.

  • It may help prevent postpartum depression.

  • It promotes better sleep.

  • It relieves stress.

  • It can help you lose the extra weight that you may have gained during pregnancy

The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology

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