I was my first client. I was overweight throughout my childhood. I prefered to sit around rather than play outside...and I thought, oh well, that just how I am! I told myself that I was perfectly happy living a sedentary life. My weight kept creeping higher. By the time I hit my teenage years I weighed over 200 lbs. And then something switched in my head. I realized I wasn't happy, but rather sluggish, tired and uncomfortable in my own body. I realized it was time for a change. I took the challenging first steps:

I began to run, very very slowly at first, just a little bit, most days of the week. I won't lie, the beginning was agonizing (I felt like I was going to die), but over time I improved! The first time I ran a mile without stopping I thought I might just explode with pride and happiness.



I kept running and running. Eventually the very thing I originally thought would kill me became something I felt I couldn't live without. I was energetic, happy and healthy...I couldn't believe I had gone my whole life without feeling post-workout euphoria! The more weight I lost, the more energy I had, and the more I felt my quality of life improving.


Suddenly it clicked with me: Being someone who has first-hand knowledge of the difficulty of the initial steps of getting fit, I wanted nothing more than to help other people get healthy.

After earning a degree in Exercise Science, I relocated to New York City. I began working for a fitness center management company and became certified in personal training and group fitness instruction. I currently train clients and teach classes in New York.

I am passionate about health and fitness, and helping others. I love teaching what I have learned to my clients, supporting, motivating and encouraging people to persevere and work hard, knowing that surely (however slowly it might feel sometimes) you will reach your goals!!