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Liz Diamond is a gem and sets the example all personal trainers should aspire to. The secret is that she does what it is scientifically proven, however it is then completely tailored to the individual. Liz helped me regain my strength and confidence after battling a serious illness. In three months I've gone from struggling up a flight of steps to pushing a sled, banging the ropes and rowing to a personal best x 4 (and that's just one set...there are typically four). 
This weekend we added my 21 year old daughter into the know how that goes, it could be good or was awesome. She'll be joining us moving forward. 
For anyone who wants to know what they're made of, and want to do it with a really cool person who knows their stuff, go to Liz.

Maria D.

Liz is a trainer who knows your capabilities even when you don’t know them for yourself. She is always ready to get down and demonstrate exercises when needed; she is really involved with the workout. I, someone who constantly doubts my strength, couldn’t ask for a better person to train me. You leave her sessions with a true sense of accomplishment because you just blew your expectation out of the water. Although I was a little skeptical about virtual training at first, I found that there isn’t much of a difference. Liz is still there, just as willing to demonstrate exercises, and guiding you through the workout. I get a great workout both virtually and in person.

Katie D.

I have exercised to some degree for as long as I have been an adult, but as soon as I started personal training with Liz it kickstarted my results.  Within the first year I saw noticeable difference in a number of ways:

For the first time, I had definition in my arms, I lost actual inches in my hips and thighs, and I was physically stronger and more energetic than I can ever remember.  As the Mom of a 9-year-old, I can’t put a price on the value of that energy and strength!


But she also makes the sessions fun, mixes up the types of workouts we do, and I always feel like I am getting a personally thought-through session -- not something she did with other clients before me.


I have been faithfully going to Liz for more than 8 years and can wholeheartedly recommend her!

Joan S.

I met Liz at a time in my life when I was significantly overweight, out of shape, and about to turn 50 years old. I was unhappy and what's worse I felt hopeless with very few options. I hated going to the gym and not knowing what to do once I got there. In very little time Liz had me doing exercises and movement that I didn't think possible only a few weeks earlier. She had me set reasonable goals for myself and created a progressive workout routine for me. Within a few months Liz coached me through my very first 5K run. She actually went as far as to run alongside me. That was amazing. I hadn't run since high school. Liz's positive attitude made me look forward to working out. Her knowledge of how the body responds to exercise and rest gave me the confidence to believe in her and ultimately in myself. Thanks to Liz I was able to exceed my weight-loss and fitness goals. I will always be grateful to Liz. I give her the highest rating possible.

Toba P.

Liz is the most knowledgeable exercise specialist I've ever worked with. She creates personalized, varied and challenging sessions for you. You will achieve your fitness goals as long as you are committed.

Barbara R.

Liz is a dedicated, passionate, and highly skilled trainer who is extremely dedicated to her clients. She cares deeply about helping her clients attain their goals, and she creates and applies a very specific, tailored approach based on your individual needs and personality. Also, she will motivate you to exceed your own expectations and achieve more than you thought was possible. Liz is very knowledgeable about physiology and nutrition, and she is also extremely warm and compassionate.  I recommend her to anyone seeking a professional trainer.

Kristen B.

I have never been one to enjoy exercise for its own sake.  When I was younger, the combination of recreational sports and manual labor around the house kept me reasonably fit.  However, as the years passed I became more and more sedentary until in my early sixties I found I could hardly exert myself at all without getting out of breath.  I reported this to my cardiologist who, after much testing, declared, “The trouble is you’re fat and out of shape.” 

It was around that time that I happened to meet Liz Diamond at the home of a mutual acquaintance.  As I told her my story and about my attitude toward exercise, I felt an instant bond of understanding from her, as if she had known me all her life.  Liz explained that she is in the field of fitness and if I liked, she could show me some fitness routines I might not find too distasteful. 

I went to the gym with Liz the next day and have returned three or four times a week in the two months since.  The routines she taught me are not difficult at all, and I am in and out of the gym in under an hour.  Has it helped?  Following a recent wind storm, I discovered an enormous tree had fallen in front of my garage, blocking my car from getting out.  I was supposed to teach a class in an hour and had about a half hour to free my car.  I grabbed my chainsaw and began cutting away at the limbs and trunk blocking my way.  As I lugged the last of the debris to the side of the garage, I made an amazing discovery: I was not gasping for breath! 

My cardiologist says I’m still a little fat, but I’m in much better shape.  Without question, I owe that to the skillful training of Liz Diamond.

Stephen M.

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